Parish Council Election: The result of the Parish Council Election is here.

New Councillors will be required to complete a ‘Declaration of Office’ and a ‘Statement of their Financial Interests’, which will be placed in the ‘public domain’ on the Inkpen website and lodged with West Berkshire Council. New Councillors will be expected to make themselves available for specific training workshops which will be held in West Berkshire during the first year of office.

European Elections: Preparation is underway for the European Election which may take place on 23rd May 2019 - so be prepared to vote again!

The Annual Parish Meeting: Thank you to all those who came to the Meeting on Thursday 11th April 2019 and to those volunteers who reported on group activity during the year. A report for the Parish Council was distributed to those at the meeting but if anyone would like a copy it can be downloaded from the website – A report on the Inkpen Memorial Playing Field was also available for residents and that is also on the website. Hard copies for both are available from the Parish Clerk – see details below.

Invitations to Tender for Grass Cutting and Strimming: Tenders are invited for the gang mowing of the grass at the Inkpen Playing Field and Strimming of the Children’s Play Area. The current contract ends at the end of May 2019 and tenders are invited for the service from June 2019. Interested parties should contact the Parish Clerk, who will provide the specification details and the closing date by which sealed tenders should arrive. As this is a public area Contractors must provide references, public liability and DBS clearance.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations): As many of you will know the law on the use of personal emails changed on the 5th May 2019. You do need the ‘positive consent’ of the individual before using their email address and it is illegal to pick up and use email addresses from other email communications. Please be careful and do not send unsolicited emails without prior consent.

Defibrillator at the Inkpen Sports Pavilion: A local awareness session will be running shortly and if you are interested please contact the Parish Clerk for details. (See contact details below). Please come along to the awareness sessions, which are informative, informal and fun.

Inkpen Parish Council meetings are advertised on the village notice boards and on the official village website in advance of the meeting - see . The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 21st May 2019 at the Inkpen Sports Pavilion at 7.30pm, subject to a quorum. All Inkpen residents are welcome to attend. Gloria Keene, Clerk to Inkpen Parish Council (I 668960),

Email contact: If you wish to be informed of issues about Inkpen or receive village news please contact the Parish Clerk by email.

Gloria Keene, Clerk to Inkpen Parish Council (I 668960) Email:


Inkpen Parish Council - Minutes of Meetings
Date Full Council Meetings Planning Meetings
5th March 2015
18th March 2015
6th May 2015
Agenda, (Meeting Cancelled)
20th May 2015
29th June 2015
29th July 2015
23th Sept 2015
2nd Nov 2015
14th Dec 2015
27th Jan 2016
21st Mar 2016
25th May 2016
27th July 2016
24th Aug 2016
28th Sept 2016
23rd Nov 2016
11th Jan 2017
13th Feb 2017
22nd Feb 2017
5th April 2017
24th May 2017
28th June 2017
27th Sept 2017
20th Nov 2017
8th Feb 2018
26th Mar 2018
31st May 2018
25th June 2018
29th Aug 2018
10th Oct 2018
27th Nov 2018
8th Jan 2019
22nd Jan 2019
12th Mar 2019
21st May 2019
19th June 2019

Notice for the inspection of accounts for FY 17-18.


Accounts 2017-18 Accounting & Governance Statement, Variance Analysis, Payments Made, Bank Reconciliation and Assets, 2016-17 External Auditor Report & Certificate .


The Annual Parish Meeting Chairman's report for 2018 can be found here and the IMPFT statement for 2018 is available here.

Inkpen Parish Council Grant Application Form and Notes.

Inkpen Village Diary can be found here

A schedule of M4 Closures in October can be found here

The Inkpen Bus Service. The new timetable for bus service 3 is displayed at the three Inkpen village noticeboards (Crown & Garter, The Firs & Ingles Edge, and the School) and here.

Register of Interests for Parish Councillors: C Jones, M Bates, S Hanna, D Thomas, R May, J Edwards, M Marriott

Code of Conduct for Members of Inkpen Parish Council 2015